What if I have a car accident at work?

Workers’ compensation may provide benefits for injuries from a car accident. Whether you were performing work will significantly affect whether your employer will cover your injuries. South Carolina workers’ compensation laws are complex. Working with an experienced Greenville workers’ compensation lawyer can help you determine if workers’ compensation may cover your injuries, whether your claim was wrongfully denied, and the steps to take when financial compensation is available.

car accident at work

Does workers’ compensation cover a car accident while traveling for work?

Workers on the job who are injured while traveling as part of a duty are covered by workers’ compensation in most cases. Examples of work travel that are covered may include:

  • Driving is part of your daily job performance
  • Transporting clients or employees
  • Making deliveries or completing errands for a company

A worker’s compensation attorney can help you review South Carolina workers’ compensation benefits laws. Compensation may be impacted by the type of injuries you suffer, whether you can perform a less strenuous job during recovery, and if your injuries result in temporary or permanent disability. Experiencing these incidents when filing a claim could indicate you should hire a workers’ comp lawyer.

If someone else caused the wreck, you may have a claim against them in addition to your worker’s compensation claim.

What if I have a car accident on my way to work?

Car accidents during your daily commute while you are off the clock are not considered workplace injuries. A coming-and-going rule may apply to these accidents because they are not a duty performed as a part of employment. This rule also likely applies to a car accident on the way home from work. A Greenville car accident lawyer can determine the damages you may be compensated for if you experience a personal injury while commuting to and from work.

Does a car accident at work have to occur on-site to be covered by workers’ compensation?

Many work-related duties require employees to travel extensively. Workers may also visit numerous job sites throughout the day. If an accident occurs while traveling during these times, workers’ compensation will most likely cover your injuries. Travel for meetings, training, and conferences may require an employee to spend more than their regular work hours away from home. During these times, injuries in a car accident may also qualify for workers’ compensation.

What if I am unsure if workers’ compensation covers my injuries in a car accident at work?

Certain exceptions may apply to the rules determining workers’ compensation and car accidents. Tell your attorney about the details of your car accident at work, especially if these circumstances apply:

  • You were making a work-related delivery, such as a bank deposit, going to or from work.
  • A manager or employer asks you to run an additional errand for work, such as picking up food or other items for employees.
  • Your job requires you to spend extended lengths of time away from home, and an accident occurs during the time away.
  • A car accident occurs outside normal work hours but on business property, such as a parking lot.

Most South Carolina employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits when a car accident occurs during work hours or during the exceptional times that qualify. However, some exemptions apply to an employee’s ability to receive workers’ compensation.

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The best way to determine your rights as a South Carolina worker involved in a car accident is to have someone answer your questions and inform you of the alternatives available following a car accident. When workers’ compensation does not apply, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim for your damages in a car accident. Call (864) 343-2222 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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