Workers Compensation
Workers’ compensation may provide benefits for injuries from a car accident. Whether you were performing work will significantly affect whether your employer will cover your injuries. South Carolina workers’ compensation laws are complex. Working with an experienced Greenville workers’ compensation lawyer can help you determine if workers’ compensation may cover your injuries, whether your claim...
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It is possible to receive workers’ compensation if you have a pre-existing injury but get hurt at work. You can obtain compensation for the worsened condition due to the accident at work. For example, if you have a pre-existing back condition and suffer an injury that aggravates the condition,  you may be able to obtain...
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how much does workers comp pay in south carolina
In South Carolina, injured workers typically receive ⅔ of their pre-tax weekly salary in workers’ comp benefits. This usually works out to workers receiving 66 and ⅔ % of their average weekly wage. So if you typically make $600 a week, you may receive up to $400 in weekly compensation. You’ve probably heard these payments...
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can I get fired for filing workers comp
In South Carolina, it is illegal for an employer to fire an employee simply because the employee filed a workers’ compensation claim. If that were allowed, employers would not be incentivized to maintain safe premises for their employees. In South Carolina, you can technically lose your job at any time for any reason or no...
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how long do workers comp claims take
As with many things in life, the sooner you get started on your workers’ compensation claim, the sooner it will likely resolve. The length of your workers’ compensation case will depend on the injury you have. If you have a minor injury, your case will typically take a short time to resolve, typically within a...
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