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A car crash can throw your world into chaos and uncertainty in a matter of seconds, leaving you unsure of the steps to take to move forward. This reaction is normal, and Smith Jordan Attorneys at Law respond to these situations daily, providing compassionate and experienced guidance to clients who may be overwhelmed by medical bills and calls from the insurance company.

We provide relentless dedication as your personal injury lawyer in Easley, SC. Decades of experience have allowed us to offer exceptional care and service through some of life’s most difficult challenges.

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Our hard work pays off for clients

Smith Jordan Attorneys at Law takes personal responsibility in caring for each client with unwavering support, dignity, and respect. We work hard to keep each of our clients informed about the specifics of their case. We refuse to bow to insurance companies’ excuses and attempts at meager compensation because we understand the cost of the injuries you have suffered and how those damages pour into every part of your physical, mental, and social well-being.

Our relentless determination is noted by our satisfied clients. In any case, we stand by you until the end to secure the compensation you need to strive for recovery supported by maximum compensation.

How much does it cost to hire a car accident attorney in Easley?

Our team is here for you, which means we do not receive compensation unless we can secure compensation for you, known as a contingency agreement. You have options for superior legal representation when you work with our team and car accident law attorney in Easley, SC.

What should I do after being in a crash?

Becoming familiar with this safety checklist outlining what to do after a car accident in South Carolina will help you take proactive action when emotions and adrenaline run high.

1. Check yourself and your passenger(s) for injuries

It is critical to assess yourself and the passengers in your car to prevent further injuries. But with the heightened state of being after an accident, it is not unusual to overlook injuries, while some may not surface for days or weeks. Attend to those apparent injuries at the scene of an accident and stabilize them until medical help arrives.

2. Call 911 and ask for an ambulance and the police

Calling 911 is the quickest way to get help. If you are unable, ask the closest person available to call for you.

3. Gather evidence at the scene

Evidence collection begins immediately following an accident. If possible:

  • Take pictures of any evidence at the scene of the accident, including damage to vehicles and factors contributing to the accident, such as large puddles of water or fog in the area
  • Collect contact and insurance information from others involved in the accident
  • Collect witnesses’ contact information

Any evidence you collect is a valuable resource in aiding the process of compensation recovery.

4. Notify your insurance company

Immediately notify your insurance company to begin the claims process. Your insurance provider will work with the at-fault driver’s insurance company on your behalf to file a third-party claim.

5. Seek medical attention

Following up with your practitioner after an accident is advisable, particularly if you do not receive emergency treatment at the accident scene. With some injuries being slow to surface, your physician can start the documentation that is critical to an injury claim or lawsuit. If they emerge or persist, these injuries will be documented and attributed to the accident and not a pre-existing condition.

6. Meet with a car accident attorney in Easley

In order to have a successful claim for compensation, you will need to prove that the other party acted negligently and directly caused the collision that resulted in your injuries. This process can be overwhelming while recovering and maintaining personal responsibilities.

Smith Jordan Attorneys at Law will take on the legal burden of proof, recovering maximum compensation for your needs while you focus on essential matters in life.

What are the rules for reporting a crash in South Carolina?

South Carolina residents involved in a crash must file a report with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) within 15 days of the accident if law enforcement did not investigate and it caused:

  • Bodily injury, including death
  • $1,000 or more in total property damage

It is always best to request law enforcement’s presence at an accident because even minimal damage can produce unseen costs in bodywork and systems unaccounted for on initial inspection.

How long do I have to file a claim?

A claim with an insurance company should be initiated within a reasonable time. Each company’s reporting policies are different, but aiming to report an accident within days of the accident is optimal.

A statute of limitation, or time limit, applies in any lawsuit. In most cases, a lawsuit must be filed for personal injury within three years of the accident date in South Carolina. However, for claims against governmental entities, and some charitable and non-profit organizations, the lawsuit must be filed within only two years of the accident date. Waiting to file can result in losing critical supporting evidence.

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What types of compensation can I claim for a car crash?

South Carolina law allows car crash victims to recover compensation for damages they suffer as a direct result of the collision. The two most common types of damages are economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages

Economic damages are the financial costs that accrue from an accident. These damages can include:

  • Any medical expenses related to your accident
  • Lost income and potential income, such as bonuses
  • Transportation costs for treatment
  • Domestic maintenance assistance costs
  • Ongoing therapies

These damages are easily quantified because they come with a bill, invoice, or receipt.

Non-economic damages

Some damages do not register a specific dollar value or come with a bill or receipt. These injuries may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Scarring and disfigurement

These significant losses are more challenging to quantify by a dollar amount. A car accident attorney in Easley, SC can work with you to translate these losses into a compensation value.

What are my options if I don’t have auto insurance?

If another driver is at fault for the crash, their required South Carolina insurance coverage should pay for the damages to your vehicle. However, you may be fined and face jail time of up to 30 days for not meeting coverage requirements. More than one offense could result in higher penalties.

What if the other driver doesn’t have insurance?

South Carolina requires a minimum amount of uninsured motorist coverage to protect your property when the at-fault driver does not have coverage. To cover expenses, you may purchase additional insurance, such as collision coverage.

Speak with a car accident law attorney in Easley, South Carolina, about filing a lawsuit against an uninsured driver to cover the damages. The at-fault party may not be financially capable of paying for your injuries, but other legal options may be available.

Who’s at fault for the collision?

Determining fault in a collision can be challenging, sometimes requiring an investigation of the evidence to hold the correct person or entity responsible. Our team knows how to move past initial assessments to discover who should be held accountable.

Another driver

Very often, another driver displaying unsafe driving habits is responsible for an accident. This scenario is most straightforward in an accident.

A government entity

Streets, highways, and some sidewalks are often maintained by government entities. Failure to properly manage these routes for drivers and pedestrians can lead to the responsible agency being accountable. Proving this liability is often challenging and benefits from the experience of a car accident lawyer in Easley, SC.

Other parties may be liable

Particularly in accidents involving transport services and company automobiles, determining fault can be extremely frustrating, requiring an in-depth investigation into all parties involved. These can include:

  • The vehicle owner
  • The distributor practicing improper loading procedures
  • Auto parts manufacturers
  • Auto maintenance departments
  • Companies that disregard safety procedures

Let Smith Jordan Attorneys at Law sort through the complexities of multifaceted industries to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

How does an Easley car accident lawyer prove liability?

It will be up to the injured party to prove negligence by establishing four distinct elements. This process is best facilitated by a car accident lawyer in Easley, SC who understands what laws apply and how to take the crash evidence to prove your claim and file a lawsuit if necessary.

1. Duty of care

The injured party has to prove the responsible party owed them a duty not to cause harm. An example would be that a driver should protect others around them by not texting and driving.

2. Breach of duty of care

It is then the injured party’s responsibility to prove the at-fault party failed to provide the degree of care that any reasonable person in the same situation would provide to those around them.

3. Causation

It must be established that the at-fault party’s actions caused the damages to the injured person, meaning the injuries would exist had it not been for the at-fault party’s actions.

4. Damages

There must be proof of the damages incurred by the injured party, such as medical bills, property damages, and pain and suffering.

What happens if both drivers are at fault?

Car accidents are not always the fault of one driver. South Carolina follows a modified comparative fault rule which assigns each driver a percentage of fault. A claim filed by an accident victim whose blame is determined to be less than 50% of the total responsibility will have their awarded claim reduced by their percentage of fault.

We fight the insurance company to get you full compensation

Insurance companies must consistently minimize payouts to increase profits while accident victims lack compensation for their injuries. We understand what your injuries cost you. Smith Jordan Attorneys at Law are South Carolina lawyers who care about their clients, providing superior representation when you need a car accident lawyer in Easley, SC to demand maximum compensation for your injuries.

What are some common causes of car accidents in Easley?

Distracted driving

Simple actions can divert a driver’s attention away from roadways. Cognitive, manual, and visual distractions are all contributing factors that lead to car accidents. A car accident lawyer in Easley, SC can collect vital information such as phone records or camera footage to support a personal injury claim resulting from a car accident.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates the cost of crashes in the United States caused by impaired driving at $68.9 billion annually. Smith Jordan Attorneys at Law fights diligently to protect our clients from significant financial loss.

Unsafe driving practices

Aggressive driving, speeding, and improper lane changes contribute daily to Easley, SC roadway accidents.

Faulty or broken traffic lights

Drivers are dependent on traffic lights to keep automobiles moving in a safe pattern to prevent accidents. When traffic lights are broken, faulty, or malfunction due to power issues, your danger as a commuter increases.

What are the most dangerous roadways in Easley?

Traffic issues and fatalities persist on US Highway 123, running to Greenville, SC. Brushy Creek Road, a highly traveled roadway due to the increase in subdivisions, is plagued by potholes, increasing the potential for car accidents and pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle fatalities.

Multiple factors contribute to car accidents in growing cities like Easley. Seek guidance from a knowledgeable car accident law attorney in Easley, SC – seek Smith Jordan Attorneys at Law.

Common car accident injuries

Even minor injuries should be taken seriously. Damages resulting from a car accident have the potential to be life-altering.

  • Soft tissue injuries: Bruises, strains, sprains, and stress injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Back injuries, including spinal cord damage
  • Neck injuries and whiplash
  • Organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Smith Jordan Attorneys at Law are dedicated to your recovery when you are injured in a car accident.

“Dos” and “Don’ts” of dealing with insurance after a crash

Follow these guidelines to work with the insurance company when filing a claim. Often kind and helpful, it is vital to remember that an insurance adjuster works for the company and strives to minimize your compensation after an accident.

“Dos” when dealing with insurance

The insurance company will need specific information to begin your claim.

Do answer their most basic questions to confirm who you are

Sharing your name, address, and phone number is essential for a claim. Providing identifying information about your automobile, such as the make, model, and VIN is also necessary.

Do refer them to speak with your attorney

The adjuster will want to hear your side of the story about how the accident took place. Other factors you are unaware of may have contributed to the accident, so referring their representative to your car accident lawyer in Easley, South Carolina is essential to ensure the facts of the accident are shared.

“Don’ts” when dealing with insurance

Many innocent victims never understand the harm their actions can have to their claim until it is too late. Protect your claim and car accident case by considering these actions after an accident.

Don’t post anything about the incident on social media

Social media posts are public information. Any posts and pictures can be used to negate your claims of personal injury or damages. As a rule, staying off social media after an accident is best until your claim is settled.

Don’t give statements without an attorney

Any verbal, written, or recorded statement can be used to shift the blame for the accident toward you. Your car accident lawyer in Easley, SC will mediate between you and the insurance company to protect your best interests.

Avoid using the word “accident”

By definition, the word accident refers to an event that occurred unintentionally, which lessens the responsibility of the at-fault driver. The event may not have been intentional but occurred because of deliberate actions, such as speeding, driving under the influence, or driving while distracted.

Why do I need to go to the doctor after a crash?

A doctor’s visit after a crash is vital documentation, even without apparent injuries. This visit establishes a picture of your current health and any changes that may result from the accident. Some injuries may not be evident until days after the crash, leaving the victim unsure of how to proceed with treatment and if that treatment will be covered by insurance.

This documentation can be presented as part of an insurance claim or by a car accident law attorney in Easley, South Carolina to establish your case.

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