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We have extensive experience with many types of legal cases, ranging from personal injury to workers’ compensation to business litigation. We often have repeat clients—that is, someone who initially comes to us for one kind of case, such as Workers’ Compensation, and after that is settled comes to us again when they need a lawyer for a real estate or business transaction.

Social Security Disability

We have many years of experience handling both Social Security Disability Claims (SSDI) and Supplementary Security Income (SSI) cases.

Workers' Compensation

Our compassionate attorneys will help relieve some of the stress of dealing with the insurance companies and will take the time to listen to you.

Personal Injury

Our attorneys have years of experience working with insurance companies, and we want to help you get back on your feet.

Auto/Motorcycle Accidents

A vehicle accident can be a major setback. Don’t let an insurance company unfairly put you back even farther. Let us help you get back on track.

Nursing Home Abuse

Don’t let your loved one suffer in silence. Our attorneys can guide you through the process and, if abuse is happening, can help you build a credible case.

Criminal Law

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Pickens, Greenville, or Anderson County and want to hire a criminal defense attorney, Smith Jordan, P.A. has attorneys that can assist you.

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