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Cars are large, heavy, and potentially dangerous, but this is made even worse when a driver chooses to go too fast and causes an accident. A driver going over the speed limit or failing to take weather conditions into account is acting negligently, and you have the right to seek compensation from them with help from a skilled car accident attorney if you are injured.

At Smith Jordan, you can get information, guidance, and legal representation from an experienced Greenville speeding accident lawyer from our team. We will listen to your story and investigate your claim to hold those at fault accountable for their careless actions. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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How much does it cost to hire a speeding accident lawyer in Greenville?

At Smith Jordan, we know you are already concerned about how to pay for your medical expenses and lost income while you wait for your claim to be completed. We do not add to your financial burden by charging a large retainer before we begin. In fact, your first case evaluation is completely free.

When you decide to hire us, we work diligently for you and take our fees as a percentage of your settlement. This means you do not pay us until we secure compensation for you. Your speeding ticket lawyer in Greenville will provide the help you need without worrying about another bill.

Why is speeding so deadly?

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), speeding is a significant factor in 29% of all crash fatalities in the most recent reporting year. That equates to over 12,000 people who lose their lives because of excessive speed. Those who survive a crash may still succumb to their injuries later, adding to the grief and despair their families endure.

Speeding is so deadly because the faster someone is going, the less time they have to react to a dangerous situation. More speed also increases the effect of slamming into a guardrail, other vehicle, or any other large object. This means occupants in cars and trucks are more likely to suffer extensive injuries or death.

South Carolina speeding laws

South Carolina’s Code of Laws Section 56-5-70(e) describes how speeding should be treated under the law. Drivers must consider whether absolute or basic speed laws apply to any specific condition. An absolute speed law means drivers are guilty of speeding if they exceed the posted limit by any amount, even 1 mph. Basic speed laws describe situations where a driver is going too fast for the road or weather conditions.

Driving too fast for conditions

SC Code 56-5-1520 prohibits drivers from going faster than a reasonable and prudent person would drive in the existing conditions (such as fog, rain, ice, or snow) with regard to their duty of care to other drivers. Essentially, if the conditions make it harder to see clearly or control your vehicle, even going the posted speed limit may be considered too fast for the conditions.

In cases like this, a police officer may charge the driver with speeding. They may choose to work with a speeding ticket attorney in Greenville, SC, to try to get out of it. However, if you are the one harmed by their actions in a crash, your speeding accident attorney in Greenville can use this to support your claim for damages.

What is the basic speed law in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, the speed limit on most roads is 55 miles per hour. However, there are a few exceptions. For example, the speed limit on I-85 is 70 miles per hour. And in some cases, the speed limit may be lower than 55 miles per hour if it is posted.

What is the residential district speed limit in Greenville?

South Carolina also has a law that states that drivers must obey the speed limit when passing through a school zone or residential area. This is especially important to be aware of during school hours and in areas where there are likely to be children present. Drivers are also required to slow down in construction zones.

Perhaps the most important law for promoting safe driving is that all drivers should use caution when behind the wheel. This means following speed limits, using turn signals, and being aware of your surroundings at all times. Failing to do so can lead to reckless driving charges.

What speed is considered reckless driving in South Carolina?

Reckless driving may include actions such as driving aggressively, ignoring traffic laws and signals, or driving with willful disregard for people and property. It is not simply being negligent. Reckless implies that the driver is knowingly acting in a way that could harm others.

Because of the way it increases the risk of injury and death, going faster than 25 mph over the posted speed limit is considered a form of reckless driving. Your speeding accident lawyer in Greenville, SC, will use proof of the other driver’s actions against them during your insurance claim or court case.

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Does South Carolina have a super speeder law?

No, South Carolina does not have a specific law regarding super speeders, which are generally those who drive 75 mph or more above the posted limit. However, if a driver is going that fast, they risk being found grossly negligent and may be subject to paying punitive damages in a civil car accident lawsuit.

How do I report speeding in South Carolina?

In Greenville County, you can contact the non-emergency number for dispatch at (864) 271-5210. For anywhere else in South Carolina, you can contact the local authorities or SC Highway State Patrol to report speeding.

What are the consequences of speeding in Greenville?

Speeding is a serious offense for which a driver can face both civil and criminal penalties. On the criminal side, speeders may be fined up to $200 or even face jail time if they are convicted of excessive speeding. For example, traveling 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit can result in an immediate suspension of a driver’s license.

On the civil side, a driver who is responsible for a car accident that was caused by speeding may be required to pay for any damages or injuries resulting from the crash. This includes paying for medical bills and property damage as well as providing compensation for any lost wages due to being injured in the accident.

What should I do if I was hurt in a crash with a speeding driver?

If you were in a car accident caused by speeding, the first step is to stay calm and assess the situation. It is important to take a few deep breaths and not panic, as this can lead to even more dangerous consequences. Once you have taken the necessary precautions to ensure your safety, make sure that any other individuals involved are safe and call the police to report the accident.

When the police arrive, provide them with as much information as possible so that they can accurately document what happened. This includes information about any witnesses and any evidence of speeding or reckless behavior. It is also important to take photos of the scene of the accident and any property damage that may have occurred due to the crash.

If you believe the driver responsible for the accident was speeding, it is important to have a lawyer review your case and make sure your rights are protected. A Greenville car accident lawyer can help determine if you may be eligible for compensation due to medical bills or other damages resulting from the crash.

How a Greenville speeding accident lawyer can help

South Carolina is an at-fault state, meaning anyone who causes an accident is responsible for paying the expenses of the people they harmed. You will start by filing a claim against the driver’s insurance, but they will often fight to reduce or eliminate what they pay you. They are interested in keeping their profits, not making sure you have what you need to recover.

That’s where Smith Jordan comes in. Our skilled Greenville speeding accident attorneys will fight for your interests. We negotiate aggressively with the insurance companies to get a fair settlement for you. If they do not meet our demands, we will take them to court. If the driver who hurt you does not have insurance, we can pursue them with a personal injury lawsuit.

How to prove someone was speeding in an accident

The most obvious way to demonstrate the other driver was speeding is to secure the police report and ticket they received for speeding. However, more evidence means a better chance of securing the outcome you desire, so your speeding accident attorney in Greenville, SC, should take other action to build a solid case.

Witnesses are an excellent source of evidence to prove someone was speeding in an accident. Their testimony is valuable, especially if they happen to have a cell phone or dashcam video of the event. For a crash where a driver sped through an intersection, it’s easy for witnesses to verify the driver was going too fast.

Other physical evidence can show the driver was speeding, such as photos of the scene and damage, skid marks on the road, amount of damage to the vehicles, and debris left on the road.

What happens if the at-fault driver didn’t get a speeding ticket?

Even if the at-fault driver is not charged with speeding or any traffic violation, that doesn’t mean they get away without consequences. You can file a claim against their insurance or file a civil lawsuit to hold them accountable for the harm they caused to you or a loved one.

Hurt in a crash? Contact a trusted speeding accident lawyer in Greenville, SC

Even with laws in place, you can never anticipate what will happen on the road. If you find yourself in a car accident caused by a speeding driver, you may be entitled to compensation.

Contact a South Carolina car accident attorney today to learn more about your rights and discuss your case. Our Greenville attorneys will help you understand your rights and take action. Call us at (864) 343-2222 or use our online form to schedule a free consultation today.

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