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How Common Are Bicycle Accidents in Greenville?

Bicycle safety is a huge issue in South Carolina. Data gathered by the Palmetto Cycling Coalition reveals that it’s one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians and bike riders, who were victims in 13,719 accidents between 2009 and 2017. Tragically, 1,258 bike and pedestrian-related fatalities occurred during this time, with a significant percentage attributed to driver negligence.

What Causes Greenville Bicycle Accidents?

Bicyclists can be surprisingly vulnerable — especially when they share the road with motor vehicles. The following are among the most common bicycle accident causes:

  • Inattentive drivers. This could involve rolling through stop signs, driving through red lights, or not checking blind spots before turning.
  • Other bicyclists. Drivers are by no means the only careless people on the road. Fellow bicyclists may also be inattentive or even aggressive while riding. Their failure to brake properly or use the appropriate bicycle lanes could place other bike riders at risk.
  • Manufacturing errors. If poorly built or maintained, bikes themselves can contribute to accidents. Faulty brakes, in particular, are extremely dangerous.

How Bicyclists are Protected Under South Carolina Law

Several South Carolina regulations aim to protect vulnerable bicyclists. These laws determine how bikers should behave and how bike lanes should be used. They also indicate how motor vehicle drivers should proceed when they’re near bicyclists.

Section 56-5-3435, for example, mandates that cars maintain a safe distance between themselves and bicyclists. Meanwhile, Section 56-5-3445 prohibits bicyclist harassment. Those who violate these regulations may be assessed significant civil fines.

When negligence leads to bicycle accidents, it’s also possible to hold responsible parties accountable via the personal injury process. Therein lies the value of finding and working with a skilled bicycle accident attorney.

Why You Need a Greenville Bicycle Accident Attorney on your Side

If you count yourself among the many bicycle accident victims in Greenville, you may be suffering from not only physical pain and mental anguish, but also, the fear of rapidly escalating medical bills. What’s more, you may be unable to work due to your injuries.

The good news? Damages may be possible if you work with a bicycle accident attorney. Our team at Smith Jordan will provide the empathetic, yet proactive guidance you need. With our help, you could secure compensation for your injuries. This is also your opportunity to achieve justice while increasing awareness of bicyclist safety concerns.

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