How much does workers’ comp pay in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, injured workers typically receive ⅔ of their pre-tax weekly salary in workers’ comp benefits. This usually works out to workers receiving 66 and ⅔ % of their average weekly wage. So if you typically make $600 a week, you may receive up to $400 in weekly compensation.

You’ve probably heard these payments referred to as “workers’ comp checks,” but the legal term is “temporary total disability.” The purpose of these payments is to help you pay your bills until you can return to work. Keep reading for more from our Greenville workers’ compensation lawyers.

how much does workers comp pay in south carolina

What’s the maximum amount of workers’ comp in South Carolina?

There is a limit to how much workers’ comp will pay in South Carolina. If you were injured in 2022, your maximum weekly compensation is $963.37. If your injury occurred in 2023, your maximum weekly compensation is $1,035.78; if you were injured on or after January 1, 2024, your maximum weekly compensation is $1,093.67.

SCWCC states that in 2024, the maximum weekly payment is $1,093.67.

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Work-related injuries are frustrating and scary if you do not have enough funds to pay your expenses. Please contact Smith Jordan Attorneys at Law if you need assistance with your workers’ compensation claim. We will work hard to ensure you receive the medical care and other benefits you deserve.  We will also work diligently on your behalf for a fair payment to you for any permanent disability as a result of your injuries. Contact us today by visiting our website.

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