What should I do after an injury?

When getting help after an injury, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment and then file a police report if someone else is responsible for your losses. Once you do that, call your Greenville personal injury lawyer for immediate help. At Smith Jordan Law, we strive to be by your side as soon as possible so you know what to do.

what to do after an injury

Get medical help right away

Whenever you suffer an injury, seek medical care from an emergency room. Even if you are unsure how serious your injury is or need any additional medical attention, you need to establish if you are okay right now and if you need any medical care to ensure you recover properly. Your health and well-being should be your first priority after an injury.  In addition to protecting your health, you will establish a connection between the incident and your injuries, which can strengthen your claim against the at-fault party.

What to do after an ankle injury

If you cannot walk due to an ankle injury, call for help. If you can, stabilize the injury by wrapping your ankle with a sports wrap or other material, and then move out of harm’s way until a medical team can get to you.

Ankle injuries are likely to worsen the longer you put off care. They can also become more serious if you walk on them, which means it is best to wait for help instead of trying to walk or drive a car with an injury present. In the meantime, write down what you are experiencing and what occurred, or take a video of yourself describing the situation.

What to do after a back injury

Back injuries are complicated because they often develop over some time, sometimes even days. If you are in a car accident, trip, fall, or other incident in which you suffer back injury, it is wise to get checked out right away, even if you have no open wounds or clear signs of injury.

From there, you will want to work closely with your doctor to get scans and an examination to determine what injuries exist. This allows you to get specific care right away. If you develop pain that is new or more intense in the days following your accident, report that to your doctor (as well as your attorney).

What to do after a burn injury

A person with a burn injury is facing intense pain and potential complications from infection. If you have a serious burn, call 911 to ask for medical attention or go to an emergency room. The American Burn Association has a helpful guide to when you should seek medical treatment for a burn.  (  The American Burn Association also has helpful tips for how to treat minor burns.  These include removing anything from the area, like your clothing, running cool water over the burn for at least five minutes to cool the burn, taking over-the-counter pain medication, and covering the burn with a sterile bandage or cloth.

What to do immediately after a shoulder injury

Like back injuries, shoulder injuries can worsen over time without proper care. We encourage you to immobilize the shoulder in any way and then get to the ER. In the meantime, hold your arm against your body or fashion a temporary sling from a piece of clothing until you can have it checked out by a doctor.

Knowing what to do after an injury is not easy

With the help of our legal team at Smith Jordan Law, we can hold those accountable for your injuries and responsible for the losses you have. Focus first on your health and well-being, then let us go to work to fight for compensation for your losses. Call our office at (864) 343-2222 to schedule a free consultation.

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