Personal Injury
When getting help after an injury, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment and then file a police report if someone else is responsible for your losses. Once you do that, call your Greenville personal injury lawyer for immediate help. At Smith Jordan Law, we strive to be by your side as soon...
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causation in personal injury cases
A crucial part of an attorney’s work is showing causation in personal injury cases. Causation involves providing evidence that the defendant’s actions or inactions caused your injuries. To secure damages, your Greenville personal injury lawyer must connect the defendant’s actions to the events that led to your injuries. How is causation in personal injury claims...
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statute of limitations sc
If you suffer a personal injury and choose to file a lawsuit, it’s important to understand how the law may limit the amount of time you have to take legal action. Below, a skilled Greenville personal injury lawyer from Smith Jordan Law explains the statutes of limitations in SC and how they may apply to...
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personal injury liability
In personal injury law, “liability” means that the person who hurt you is responsible for the financial, emotional, and other losses you experienced due to your negligence. Proving personal injury liability requires several steps that can be complex, depending on the situation. At Smith Jordan Law, our Greenville personal injury lawyer has ample experience helping...
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how are personal injury settlements paid out
Receiving a settlement should be fast and easy once it is agreed upon. However, some issues frequently arise. At Smith Jordan Law, we aim to help you every step of the way to get the compensation you are owed. As a result, if you anticipate a claim or hope to receive a settlement, it is...
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