Nursing home abuse liability: Who is liable for nursing home abuse or neglect?

In South Carolina, the family member of a deceased patient or someone with power of attorney for a current living patient has the right to bring civil litigation against the negligent party or parties that caused the loved one’s injury. But just who are those parties? Keep reading to learn who can be held liable for nursing home abuse, then call a skilled Greenville nursing home abuse attorney with Smith Jordan today.

nursing home abuse liability

Potentially liable parties

Depending on the circumstances, your attorney may be able to hold the nursing home facility accountable, which would include the staff as well as the providers, nurse practitioners, PAs, or the physicians that provide care.

Often the providers are contracted by separate companies into the skilled nursing facilities to see patients and write orders. So if there is a problem with a patient in a skilled nursing facility then the family member can bring an action against the nursing home itself as well as against the company that contracts or brings in the professional staff.

Do these cases often result in the removal of people involved in the abuse or neglect?

We recently finished a case where the nurse practitioner did not provide any care and admitted it. This type of conduct can lead to an investigation by a professional’s licensing authority. There are also instances where a nurse does more than she is licensed. For example, in South Carolina, only a licensed registered nurse can provide wound care. I’ve seen where licensed practical nurses are called “licensed wound care nurses.” This may be the practice in the facility, but it is not allowed by the nursing board and can result in a problem with a nurse’s license.

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