Economic vs. non-economic damages in personal injury cases

Victims of injuries caused by someone else’s negligence can seek financial compensation for their losses through a personal injury lawsuit managed by an experienced Greenville personal injury lawyer.

Compensation often includes coverage of your bills and other losses. Yet, you may need help understanding economic vs. non-economic damages in personal injury cases. If you are an injury victim, Smith Jordan Law can help determine what damages you may be entitled to collect. We offer free case reviews, so asking for help costs you nothing.

economic vs non-economic damages

What is the difference between economic and non-economic damages?

Economic damages affect your bank account. They are the costs and losses you experience from an injury with an actual dollar amount. Economic damages include:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical care costs
  • Income lost to missed days at work while you underwent treatment and recovered from the injury.
  • Potential lost income and benefits if your injury has long-term consequences preventing you from working
  • Property damage costs to repair or replace your car or other personal property
  • Other expenses such as child care, transportation, or property maintenance.

Non-economic damages do not have a precise dollar amount but carry significant value. They represent the non-tangible effects your injuries have had on your quality of life, such as:

  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering, including fear, shock, grief, and embarrassment
  • Loss of enjoyment of hobbies and activities
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of personal and professional relationships
  • Loss of personal and professional reputations

South Carolina Title 15 Chapter 32 defines and establishes economic and non-economic damages rules.

How much are economic damages vs. non-economic worth?

Victims often find it difficult to determine the value of their losses. Too often, they overlook details or underestimate costs. Trust a Greenville personal injury lawyer from Smith Jordan Law with your case. Your attorney will focus on fighting for a settlement that meets your needs.

South Carolina does not limit, or “cap,” the amount victims can receive for economic damages. When calculating your economic losses, your lawyer will factor in your bills, income, and future earning power. With their experience in similar cases, they can ensure you do not miss any damages you are entitled to receive.

The State only caps non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases or claims against government entities. Your attorney will arrive at a demand amount for non-economic damages through:

  • Your testimony about your pain, limitations, and life changes
  • Testimony collected from your family, friends, and caregivers
  • Noting how your injury has affected your independence, employment capabilities, and relationships.
  • Statements from medical practitioners about your prognosis for returning to your previous abilities

Your personal injury lawyer in Greenville will send a settlement demand to the at-fault party’s representatives, who will likely return with a lower counteroffer. Your attorney and the at-fault party’s representative will negotiate back and forth with evidence and arguments until they can agree on a satisfactory amount for both parties.

Most injury cases are settled out of court through these negotiations. However, you can trust Smith Jordan Law to provide sound legal guidance if yours doesn’t. If you decide to go to court, your attorney will provide experienced representation at every proceeding, showing the jury convincing evidence of your losses.

Get the economic and non-economic damages you deserve

Smith Jordan Law will fight for the economic and non-economic damages you deserve. We put our years of experience to work for you and respect each client’s case as if it were our only one. You can send a message or call (864) 343-2222 to connect with an attentive, experienced Greenville personal injury lawyer.

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