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Compensación Laboral
  • $140,000 – Slip And Fall At Work

  • $96,000 – Slip And Fall At Work

  • $95,000 – Arm Injury

  • $90,000 – Injury While Restraining A Combative Patient

  • $572,000 – Brain Injury

  • $175,000 – Head Trauma

  • $230,000 – Leg Fracture And Shoulder Injury

  • $175,000 – Cervical Spine, Seizures

  • $205,000 – Back Injury And Chronic Pain

  • $197,500 – Neck And Shoulder Injuries

Hurt at work? Contact a Greenville Workers' Compensation Lawyer.

Being injured on the job can be very stressful and discouraging. Often comp carriers treat you like the bad guy for getting injured. If you have experienced a job-related injury, be sure to seek immediate medical attention and get the care you need. Contact a Greenville workers’ comp lawyer at Smith Jordan to get the compensation you deserve. 

Types of Work-Related Injuries

Common injuries sustained from work accidents include problems with the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, knees, and brain. They also include conditions such as depression and anxiety.

If you have experienced any work-related injuries, the attorneys at Smith Jordan can help you understand how Workers’ Compensation laws are designed to protect you in these cases.

Understanding Workers’ Comp Benefits

Las leyes de compensación laboral están creadas para protegerlo en estos casos. Típicamente ofrecen tratamiento médico, la restauración de los salarios perdidos, y dinero por cualquier problema permanente resultando del accidente laboral, pero ¿Qué hace cuando;

But what do you do when:

su caso ha sido negado? su cheque no es por la cantidad correcta? el seguro no cubre el tratamiento que el doctor recomienda? el seguro no paga sus medicamentos recetados? usted no está siendo rembolsado por gastos que salen de su bolsillo?

What Mistakes Could Compromise My Workers’ Comp Claim?

There are thousands of workers’ compensation claims filed every year in South Carolina, but not all of them get approved. This is where it is essential to be aware of the common mistakes that could compromise your workers’ compensation claim in the Greenville-Spartanburg-Easley area. These include:

Missing doctor’s appointments

Failing to cooperate with medical advice Exaggerating injuries Failing to disclose pre-existing conditions Posting information about your injury on social media Posting information about your life on social media Failing to seek the advice of a Greenville, SC, workers’ compensation attorney Hiring an attorney without first seeking an in-person consultation

Even when you no longer need to see your doctor as frequently, you need to schedule and keep regular appointments to stay in touch. This will ensure that your claim is not compromised by failing to seek regular medical care.


You don’t have to go it alone: Contact a Greenville Workers' Comp Attorney

Si usted no ha sido protegido por el seguro de compensación de obrero como le prometieron, nuestros abogados le pueden ayudar. Nosotros representamos trabajadores heridos ante la comisión de compensación de obreros de Carolina del Sur. Hemos manejado estos casos para cientos de personas que se han lesionado en el trabajo, y sabemos cómo obtener la ayuda que usted se merece.

Así usted decida o no contratar los servicios de un abogado, la compañía de seguros igual contratara abogados para tener de su lado—¿Por qué no prevenir y protegerse usted también?

After all, the insurance companies will have lawyers on their side—why shouldn’t you?

¿Que necesito hacer?

The experienced attorneys at Smith Jordan can help provide you information and legal guidance on how the process of Workers’ Compensation works in South Carolina. Workers’ Compensation laws vary from state to state, but in the state of South Carolina, Workers’ Compensation cases are decided by Workers’ Compensation Commissioners who are appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. There are seven Worker’s Compensation Commissioners who serve for terms of six years.

If you’ve been hurt at work, contact the attorneys at Smith Jordan today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been injured at work. What do I do?

If you’ve been injured at work and you’ve never filed a workers’ compensation claim before, there are a couple of things you’ll need to do. Within 90 days of the accident, you have to report to your supervisor, or someone in a managerial position, that you were hurt and how you were hurt. You must do this to protect yourself. The other thing you have to remember is that there’s a time period that these claims have to be filed with a commission. This is a point you might want to discuss with a lawyer so you can understand other things you need to do in your case in order to protect yourself. 

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What do I do if insurance won’t pay for my medical care?

The Workers Compensation law provides that the insurance company has to pay for the medical care that the authorized treating physician recommends. If your doctor is trying to provide care to you, whether it be shots, injections, x-rays, or MRIs, and the insurance company will not pay, there may be a point in your case where you need to get a lawyer involved. This problem occurs most often when a doctor realizes your case is more serious than first thought and the insurance company doesn’t want to pay for the expensive care. 

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How can I pay for a lawyer in my disability case?

In a workers compensation case, the person is usually most concerned about how they’re going to pay for the lawyer. The beauty is that the attorneys who handle these cases, like ourselves, handle them on a contingency basis. This means that the attorney does not earn a fee in the case unless the client receives money from the insurance company. So, you don’t have to worry about paying a lawyer an up-front fee or an hourly fee. The lawyer is only going to be receiving a fee if the worker receives money from the insurance company. 

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