Pedestrian Accidents

Greenville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Too many pedestrians are hit by motor vehicles.  Drivers are distracted, or not paying attention, and will hit pedestrians.  All too often, a few seconds of inattention by a driver will lead to the serious injury or death of a pedestrian.  The driver, who didn’t see the pedestrian until it was too late, will claim that the pedestrian jumped out in front of them, or that they couldn’t see them because it was dark or raining.  The pedestrian, who has often suffered catastrophic injuries, will not be able to tell the officer what really happened, and will often be blamed for the wreck.  South Carolina law is clear that a driver has to exercise due care to avoid hitting a pedestrian, even when they are not in a crosswalk.  If you or a loved one has been hit, you need attorneys who know the law and know how to investigate and handle these cases.  Even if you or your loved one was marked at fault by the police, we can often help.