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It is possible to receive workers’ compensation if you have a pre-existing injury but get hurt at work. You can obtain compensation for the worsened condition due to the accident at work. For example, if you have a pre-existing back condition and suffer an injury that aggravates the condition,  you may be able to obtain...
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mental health after car accident
A car accident can do much more than damage your car. The sights, sounds, smells, and experience of the accident overall can leave you with lingering psychological issues. In a car accident, the party at fault for property damage, physical injuries, and damage to your mental health is responsible for paying you back for the...
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If you have been involved in a truck accident, the resulting physical and emotional trauma can be overwhelming. You may wonder if hiring a law firm to represent your rights as an injured person is necessary. The truth is, bringing on legal representation for your case can be beneficial – from gathering evidence and filing...
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how to find a nursing home
My advice is to visit the facility and try to get an idea of the quality of care. You can go online and search DHEC’s and Medicare’s websites to investigate the history of the facility. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you should ask each facility the following questions: Who provides the physician care? Is it...
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what to do after a motorcycle accident
Protect your rights with these tips Motorcycle accidents are far too common. When there is a wreck involving a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is often severely injured even though they were not at fault in the wreck. Sadly, South Carolina often ranks in the top 10 nationwide in motorcycle fatalities. If you or a family member...
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