“My husband was injured on his job. Two weeks later his boss, the owner of the company, fired him. He told my husband he couldn’t afford to send him to the doctor – it would put his company at risk. When my husband hung up the phone, I handed him the phone book and told him to call Grady Jordan. That was in 2008. Grady and everyone at his law firm treated us like decent people. Grady fought for and won my husband’s workers comp case. Then went on to represent and win my husband’s disability. The first time we met with Grady he walked us out, shook my husband’s hand, and told him he believed him – that he was hurt on his job. When we left both of us almost cried. We had someone on our side. Grady Jordan is a great human being. He listens to his clients, and he is the best lawyer I have ever met. Thank you, Grady. You helped us to be able to live again instead of waiting on someone else to decide our future. Bless you and everyone in your firm.”

– Charles and Sandra Turner


“After being denied I came to Grady, which was the best thing I have ever done. Grady and his staff were excellent. They actually listened to me, treated me like I was a human being, got all of the information needed, and made sure everything was right. We went to court with a difficult judge and answered all the questions the way they needed to be answered, but I came out of there seriously thinking I was denied, again. I got the best Christmas present in 2015 by getting a letter in the mail, telling me that I was approved. Picking Grady was the best decision I ever made. I strongly recommend Smith, Jordan, & Lavery Attorneys at Law, and the only thing I regret is that I did not go to them sooner.”

– Caroline Lee Smith


“He’s a great lawyer. He got my disability approved – something I couldn’t do on my own. I tried over and over and would get denied every time. I would get discouraged, and I gave up many times. I was denied again, and diligently he worked on my case till we won. I now publicly thank you so much, Mr.Grady.”

– Tesa Broome


“They are very kind and understand your situation. 5 stars all day long!”

– Melissa Gilstrap


“Today, after fighting for five years with the Social Security Disability Administration, Grady Jordan won my case before I even walked into the court room. Due to his hard work, the judge made her decision before even hearing my testimony. I had another attorney before Grady – that was a decision I regret. I should’ve ‘gone to Grady first!'”

– Don Mayfield


“Professional, easy to work with, and excellent knowledge of law.”

– Connie Finley


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