What Insurance Companies Don’t Cover

When meeting with an injured person for the first time, we hear different versions of the same story over and over again…

They tried to handle the claim themselves, and the insurance adjuster told them that their damages weren’t covered.  For example, the insurance adjuster may say that they only cover emergency room visits, or that they only cover medical bills for a certain time after a wreck.  They may be told that its “company policy” to only provide a rental car for a few days, or that the insurance company doesn’t pay diminished value claims.  The truth is, when you are injured due to the negligence of another, the law doesn’t allow their insurance company to pick and choose what it pays and what it doesn’t.  The at fault person’s insurance company’s policies don’t matter.  A liability insurance company is required to pay any and all damages that its insured is liable for up to its policy limits.  Whether that’s medical bills incurred months after the wreck, or diminished value because your car is worth less after the wreck than before the wreck, the insurance company is obligated to pay it.  If an insurance company is refusing to pay your damages, let us help.