Insight On Insurance Companies & Settlements

Insurance companies will often try to settle a wreck case as quick as they can. 

If you are injured in a wreck, you may receive an offer from the insurance company before you even get out of the hospital.  Insurance companies will often quickly approach an injured person with an offer that is something along the lines of agreeing to pay for all the medical bills already incurred and giving the person an additional $500-$1,000.  To sweeten the deal, the insurance company may even offer to pay for any medical bills incurred for a couple of additional weeks or even a month.  The first question that should pop into your mind is, “why is the insurance company trying to settle the case so quickly?”  The answer is not that the insurance company is trying to do the right thing- instead, the insurance company is trying to minimize how much it has to pay.  It often takes weeks or months for an injured person to realize the full extent of the injuries they suffered in a wreck.  Doctors frequently start off with conservative treatments such as rest or muscle relaxers.  Often, the expensive diagnostic tests such as MRI’s that are necessary to diagnose many problems are not ordered unless the initial conservative treatment fails.  What you thought was just a neck strain could actually be a herniated disc.  Once a person settles their claim with the insurance company, they can’t go back and get more money if they later find out that their problem was more serious than they initially thought.  Don’t fall for this.  If you’ve been injured as a result of the negligence of someone else, give us a call before you sign anything from the insurance company.