What kinds of damages are available in nursing home cases?

“Damages” is another word for the losses that your loved one has suffered as a result of their abuse or neglect. Most cases of nursing home abuse will result in compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. Keep reading to learn more about nursing home abuse compensation from our Greenville nursing home abuse lawyers.

nursing home abuse compensation

What kinds of damages can I recover?

Actual damages are the costs incurred for going to the hospital and having to treat whatever the problem was. The law does allow for pain and suffering damages for the patient for what they experienced. And you can get punitive damages if you meet certain statutory requirements like gross negligence. The cases we take would be ripe for these damages.

The family can be compensated, but sometimes when there is a death there is never enough that the legal system can do to compensate the family. And a lot of these people are reluctant to file a lawsuit, it’s something they never wanted to do, they are not litigious by nature, but they are so disgusted with the care provided that sometimes they just feel like it is the right thing to do and they are not only doing it for their loved one, but also so that in the future, another family won’t experience what they have had to endure.

We get results

Grady Jordan was the lead attorney on a recent nursing home abuse case handled by Smith Jordan. The case settled for $1,465,000, after extensive litigation where the blatant abuse of the provider and the nursing staff was shown. The case involved a sacral pressure wound that was not even cared for by the professional staff. It caused not only severe pain to the patient, but became severely infected and ultimately resulted in the death of the patient. The problems that resulted from the pressure wound could have been avoided with proper care and monitoring.

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