How can a nursing home abuse lawyer help me?

Families are often very reluctant to get involved in the legal system. They don’t want to sue or go to court, but sometimes the abuse is so bad that they just become so disgusted that they reach out to a lawyer for help and at that point, we are dealing with a family member(s) who has already been traumatized by what’s happened to their loved one and at the same time they want to get some kind of relief from the court system because of what happened.

how a nursing home abuse lawyer can help

So, we end up helping them by reviewing their records and explaining what happened. Sometimes family members don’t even realize how bad it was. As part of that process, they end up reliving the abuse their family member suffered. Sometimes they find out it is far more abusive than they ever realized which adds more trauma and guilt upon the surviving family members. Even though they may have visited their loved one daily and ask if everything is ok and the victim says it is and they discover after the death what happened and feel horrible. We are very conscious of the stress this can cause our clients and we handle these matters in a very professional manner.

And the legal process brings even more trauma, doesn’t it?

Yes, but we work with our clients to limit the trauma as best we can. We hold their hand in the process so they can get through the litigation. At some point, the client has to give a deposition where they testify as to their knowledge of what happened. They also are involved in the questioning of experts who testify as to what happened to the victim. It’s a learning process and it’s also traumatic, but they want some closure. They can’t make what happened go away but they want to make sure that the facility does not do it to someone else.

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