Auto Accident Results

  • $8,878,981.10 – Motorcyclist Killed In Wreck

  • $500,000 – Pedestrian Hit By A Car

  • $225,000 – Wreck Case

  • $131,000 – Wreck Case

  • $550,000 – Motorist Hit By A Tow Truck

  • $1,250,000 – Motorcyclist Hit By A Car

  • $185,000 – Wreck Involving A Tractor Trailer

  • $125,000 – Passenger Injured In Single Car Wreck

I’ve been in an accident that wasn’t my fault, and the insurance company won’t help. Now what?

A car wreck can be very traumatic. In addition to the physical injuries, lost wages, and damage to your property, there is also the effect on your life and the emotional toll on you and your family. While you’re busy trying to get your life back on track, the insurance company is building its case to try to compensate you as little as possible for what you have lost. The insurance adjuster may act nice, and try to get you to settle your case quick for less than your true damages. Or, the insurance adjuster may play hard ball and not return your calls, or tell you that the insurance company “doesn’t cover” your medical bills and lost wages. Whether the insurance company is acting nice or playing hard ball, the one thing you can be sure of is that the insurance company is looking out for its own interests, not yours.

While you worry about getting better, let us deal with the insurance company. Our experienced attorneys can handle the insurance company and make sure that you are getting everything you are entitled to.

We help people hurt in accidents including the following:

Car Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Truck Accidents (those involving commercial vehicles and tractor trailers) Accidents caused by a drunk driver Bicycle Accidents Pedestrian Accidents

Our attorneys can help you get the help you deserve

Our attorneys have worked against insurance companies for years. We know the ins and outs of the different types of insurance, and the pitfalls and traps that insurance companies try to use to their advantage.

You won’t owe us anything unless we help recover funds from the insurance company.

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