What to do if your claim was denied and you don’t have money to hire a lawyer?

Do I have to pay an attorney by the hour?

No, you do not. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Smith Jordan are paid a percentage of the benefits received by the injured worker for contested back wages and for any permanent disability at the end of the case. The injured worker does not have to pay the attorney to get the case started or to fight for the benefits that he or she deserves. The attorney is paid when the injured worker is paid.

Is it too late to hire an attorney after my claim is denied?

A denied claim is one in which the insurance company or the employer does not want to accept the claim. Often, the insurance company will deny the claim because the employer did not give it the correct information, or they think the injured worker will just give up if the claim is denied. That is why you need to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in the Greenville area to help you with your case. The attorneys at Smith Jordan work everyday to help injured workers with their workers’ compensation claims.

Under South Carolina Law, any employer with four or more employees is subject to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. Often called the “Act,” the Workers’ Compensation Statute provides certain benefits for injured workers, including medical care, weekly payments during periods out of work, and money for any permanent impairment or disability. Getting these benefits without an attorney can be a difficult task. Making a claim for workers’ compensation benefits can be complex and securing the benefits that a person needs often requires an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who knows the law and the system. An injured worker needs an attorney that can guide them through the process of a claim.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that there are workers’ compensation lawyers who are only paid when the worker is paid. I guess that is good news for those who might need a lawyer to help them file claims. It would give them peace of mind that they will not have to produce the money for the payment of their services until they receive the claims for the treatment of their injuries.

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