Civil Litigation

What is Civil Litigation, and how does it work?

The term “Civil Litigation” refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties. Unlike criminal matters, which often result in criminal sanctions such as prison time, civil litigation seeks resolution through payment of money by one party to another or by requiring a party to perform a certain act.

If a matter cannot be resolved pre-suit, then the attorney in a civil litigation case files a lawsuit while continuing to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. If the case cannot be resolved out of the court system, the attorney will work with the client to plan a strategy and to represent and advocate for the client during the trial of the case, either before a judge or a jury.

Our attorneys represent clients in trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations before administrative agencies as well as in federal, state and local courts.

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Civil Litigation attorney in Easley

What type of Civil Litigation cases do you handle?

We handle these types of cases in four general areas:

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